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I was just writing to compliment your craftsmen on my Hi-Wall W448. It is without a doubt the finest rifle I own, and indeed one of the finest I've ever seen. It was a birthday present from my wife and quickly became my favorite hunting rifle. I hunt with nothing but classic rifles and do not even own a rifle with a scope.

I took the Hi-wall to Namibia in July 2005 and had very good success. It will be leaving for it's second trip to Africa this July and I'm sure I will not be disappointed. I've enclosed a few pictures of the Namibian trip.

The score for the 50-110 in Namibia was as follows:

Kudu Bull
Blue Wildebeest
Total of 7 shots

Sincerely, Kevin McAdams

Ballard #5 Pacific donated to Quigley as one of the top prizes in 2005. Jim Betters at the Cody Shooting Complex shooting a Cody Ballard High Wall 2004 Fall 100 Shot Shoot, Larry Kearns with a Cody Ballard High Wall Ariel's antelope near Pinedale, WY in 2003 taken with a 38-55 Marlin Ballard
Robby Robenson at the Cody Shooting Complex with a Cody Ballard Heavy Bench Rifle Jim Betters and SPG at the Cody Shooting Complex after the monthly Schuetzen match Bill Kenitz at the Cody Shooting Complex for the Schuetzenfest 2002 with his Cody Ballard High Wall SPG at the Cody Shooting Complex for the January monthly match
Ariel and her father with her elk taken on the South Fork with a 38-55 Original Ballard Ariel with her elk
(same as previous)
Tony Hamilton at the Cody Shooting Complex for the January monthly match shooting a Ballard High Wall Winner of the donated 2005 Quigley Match
Harlan Sage at the "No Wood Shoot" in spring of 2005 with a Cody Ballard Rick Patton and Mike Moore at the 2004 Quigley. Both with Cody Ballards Rick Patton at the 2004 Quigley with his Cody Ballard At the Cody Shooting Complex (from l-r) unknown, Robby Robenson, Keith Kilby, SPG, Earl Hines
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