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The following are actual letters received from customers. If you own a firearm from Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company and would like to submit a testimonial, please go to the Contact Page >


  February 5, 2008  

Hello all,

I have finally had the opportunity to really test out my new Ballard #7 long range rifle (38/55) and yes it actually shoots as good as it looks!!! The fit and finish of this gun is PERFECT!! There is truly no room for improvement! I am also amazed how well is shoots, the set trigger is BUTTER! And I enjoy shooting groups that for me were only possible with a scoped rifle before I began shooting my Ballard! THANK YOU for your fine work, I look forward to building another rifle with you in the near future.

All my best,
Ricky Biagi

  April 08, 2005  

Dear Keith,

From the moment I became interested in black power shooting and started to collect old rifles of the “west”, I was fascinated by the Ballard. For me it’s the most beautiful black powder (single shot) rifle ever developed. Marlin made the Ballard a really fantastic rifle for target shooting.

The moment was great three years ago when I could buy a beautiful engraved Ballard No. 41/2 A-1 Mid Range rifle at the place of James and Peg Aplan in Piedmont (near Sturgis, South Dakota). I couldn’t wait till the rifle was in Holland. I’ve shot this rifle several times and it shoots really fantastic and is very accurate.

In the mean time I bought the comprehensive book about Ballards from John Ducher and to my great astonishment I read that this rifle was also studied by Dutcher (serial #8358, p. 146). I started to correspond with John Dutcher and we visited him last year in Denver at the beginning of a trip by RV through the Rockies. He is very nice person and it was a special moment for me to meet him.

I was already aware of the valuable character of my old Ballard and had decided not to use it as a “shooter”. That’s why I visited the Ballard Rifle Co., LLC during the same trip thinking about having a “copy” of this Ballard made.

I was impressed by the beauty of the rifles I saw at your company and the professional way you make rifles. That’s why I decided at the end of my trip to order a “customized” Ballard. We have been in contact several times by phone and you always stayed calm when I was worried about something.

In the end the company started my rifle (I had to wait 6 months). A few weeks ago it was finished and shipped to Holland. Of course I was excited when I picked up the rifle from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). I drove home as fast as I could to see me Cody-Ballard. And… It looked exactly like what I had expected!

It’s a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. Also the engraving) with two Red Stags on both sides) from Ernie Lytle is beautiful.
So I want to thank you and your companions for doing this great job.

Next week my friend Chris Goed, who is a gunsmith in Holland and specializes in black powder guns, will make me a bullet mold for my new Ballard. I’m sure it will shoot the same as it looks: fantastic! A friend of mine took several pictures of the rifle and I will enclose them as a memory of making this rifle for me and to show others the beauty of the rifles you make. Thanks again and until we meet again!

Best regards,

Sake W. Jager
The Netherlands

  February 20, 2005  

Ladies and Gentleman,

It was my pleasure to take possession this last Friday 2-18-05 of the finest rifle I have ever owned in my lifetime, thanks to the workers and staff at your Cody Wyoming manufacturing facility. The fit of wood to metal is unbelievable and the machine work in my opinion defies words. My mouth dropped when I first viewed the color-cased receiver and related parts. In my opinion the rifles you are building are definitely Classics and family cherished Heirlooms as well as being shooters. The best advertising you could have is producing these magnificent rifles for display and shooting in the BPCR matches as well as for hunting. My W599 High Wall will be put to use in Creedmoor Matches at 800, 900 and 1000 yards, as this was my intent when the order was placed. Thank you all for your efforts in this endeavor.

George Liotta


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let ya know that I got that 45-100 High Wall #W258 working pretty good last year. I also wanted to say thanks to you and everyone at Ballard for making me such a fine rifle.

Till next time!

P.S. If you catch up with Ron pass on the thanks for me to him.

  August 15, 2004  

Dear Sirs,

About six (6) months ago, I took delivery of a Winchester High Wall in
.22-250 caliber and you asked me to let you know how it shoots. Well, I think the enclosed target speaks for itself, and I am most pleased with this rifle you made for me! The details are noted on the target, but the thing I’d like to note is the fact that the group consists of forty (40) shots, not the usual five (5) or ten (10). Apparently what I have here is a fine piece of equipment that will consistently do the job as long as I do mine. More than that, no one can fairly ask of a firearm.

Thank you for your efforts in making one heck of an accurate and beautifully crafted rifle for me.

Ronald R. Huetter




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