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Technical Notes
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All receivers are machined from Mill Certified solid bar stock steel. This assures high quality metallurgical and structural properties. The various models, being true to their original designs are limited by pressures because of the mechanical properties of design, material, and heat treatment. For example, a “Ballard” action, though the most accurate capable design, is made from 8620 steel and color case hardened. It is approved only for rimfire smokeless and black powder cartridges. On the other hand, the 1885 High Wall made from blued 4140 steel is capable of chambering in almost any cartridge using smokeless high power or black powder. The Caliber Chart reflects these cartridge specific limitations for each receiver type.

Chamber Tolerance

For “Target Tight” Chambering please include, choose, or let us decide the following

Brand Name of Cartridge Brass: _______________________________________
(This is due to manufacturers’ deviation.)

SAAMI spec chambering, although not as accurate; will allow case brand variation and some contamination. Chambering is easier and recommended for dangerous game hunting.

Barrel Weights and Dimensions

The barrel weights used are based on the nomenclature of vintage arms of the 1800’s, not those used by “modern” barrel manufactures. Each barrel is contoured to the vintage dimensions and the stock forend fit to this contour for any particular rifle. If you have questions about barrel weight or dimensions please contact us for further information.

Please specify Barrel Length: _________________________________.

Please specify Barrel Contour: ________________________________

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