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Standard Features
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Standard Features for 1875 Rifles & 1885 Rifles

Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company, Inc. is committed to a quality product. We will never compromise the "Fit & Finish" of any of our rifle configurations even though this level of quality requires more labor to achieve. Every rifle is a custom, hand fit, functional work of art. Our rifles are elegant and of the quality deserving accolades and admiration. Indeed, these rifles are a testament to the old world craftsmen, true to history, true to form, suitable for display and most of all, shoot!

Some of the features below are highlighted by parentheses to show the customary cost of these value added features. These items are included in every rifle we produce and are anything but "Standard".

  • Machined Receiver from a mill certified, solid bar stock 8620 or 4140 steel ($350 value)
  • Premium Barrel ($100 value)
  • Hand Select Standard Grade American Walnut
  • Polished Barrel ($150 value)
  • Hand Polished Action ($300 value)
  • Bone & Charcoal Color Case Hardening ($200 value)
  • Color Cased Buttplate
    • Checkered Shotgun ($100 value)
    • Smooth Crescent ($225 value)
  • Screws Timed and Blued ($125 value)
  • Hand Fit Wood - Inlet and Finished ($850 value)
  • AA Finish ($100 value)

As you can see, our "Standard" at Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company, Inc. is worth over $2000 in additional custom work. We take great pride in every rifle, and so will you, when you see the excellent value presented, not to mention the beauty of fine "Old World" craftsmanship.

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