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The Rook and Rabbit
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The Cresswell Lightweight Custom Rifle by Ballard
Action #2 hand polished, color case hardened
Barrel Hand polished tapered round
Wood Hand selected classic American walnut
Stock 13 3/4 inch pull, pistol grip, English style round forearm with ebony tip,
steel grip cap and buttplate, hand rubbed finish
Trigger Single, 3-3 1/2 pound pull, crisp
Lever Color case hardened, Rook and Rabbit
Sights Quarter rib for Talley rings with adjustable rear and ramped front sight
Extras Barrel mounted front and inletted rear swivels
Weight 4 1/2 - 6 1/2 pounds, varies with caliber and wood selection
Base Price Under Review
Additional Photos
The Rook and Rabbit Lightweight Sporting Rifle The Rook and Rabbit Lightweight Sporting Rifle
The Rook and Rabbit Lightweight Sporting Rifle The Rook and Rabbit Lightweight Sporting Rifle
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All rifles shown with upgrades
***** Some options may not be appropriate for this model. Please contact us with any questions*****
(rim fire, .22 Hornet, .25-20, .32-20)

Barrel Length

Take down $650.00
Octagon $175.00
Half octagon $350.00
Fancy American Walnut $250.00
Extra Fancy American Walnut $500.00
Classic English Walnut $300.00
Fancy English Walnut $550.00
Extra Fancy English Walnut $800.00
Single Set Triggers $180.00
Checkering, Classic Pattern $650.00
Checkering, Fleur-di-lis Pattern $950.00
Three leaf rear sight in quarter rib, $475.00
regulated for factory ammo  
Talley Rings (1 inch or 30mm) $125.00
U.S. Dollars Subtotal
Case $275.00
MI Sales Tax
U.S. Dollars Total
Shipping and Handling Determined at time of shipment

Prices subject to change. • We reserve the right to upgrade options based on availability.
P.O.R. = Price on Request

*If the firearm is to be shipped, the customer may supply his own case in lieu of purchasing one.
For customers picking up firearms at the factory the case option may be deleted.

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