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Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company, Inc. offers professional restoration service for rifles and shotguns. We love the history and respect the dignity of your vintage firearm and will treat it as one of our own. Our restorations are held to the same old world hand crafted quality standards as our rifles; hand inletted wood, hand polished metal and exacting tolerances of machining. We can research for original letters, company records, or previous owner history at your request. The restoration department, being collocated with our machining facility, can reverse engineer worn or broken parts then create a new one of original shape and size for your coveted firearm. If you desire, we will create custom rounds for exotic or outdated cartridges, adhering to conservative and specific methods. This will assure you of optimum performance in your restored firearm for years to come.

The amount of work required to bring each individual piece back to "as new" condition can vary greatly. Thus, the list of services and respective prices are standard, however, we can not give you a quote for a full restoration without personally evaluating your rifle. Please send your firearm to us for full inspection and subsequent quotation at no cost other than freight. If, you accept our estimate, half of the fee will be required before commencement, the remainder upon completion. However, sometimes, we may find the value of a rifle is its personal history, the one it accumulates through trials and tribulations and it now wears with pride for the next generation of collector. In such a case we will recommend not disturbing the historic values intrinsic in your firearm. If after quotation, you choose to keep your firearm "as is"; we will return it to you fully insured, freight collect.

Includes dovetails, contouring, fitting, chambering and bluing.

Hand Inletted to the tightest tolerance.

Wood prices available on request.

Held to the highest expectations of quality, our hand checkering will have the straightest lines and highest peaks possible with the wood we are working. Since the complexity of a pattern will determine the time involved, we prefer to quote after seeing the piece or interviewing the customer.

Color Case Hardening
Original bone and charcoal method.

Actions are hand polished to hold the integrity of your originals lines. This service is provided at a rate of $65 per hour. Barrels are jig polished to maintain the straightest lines and best edges. We will not "buff" your metal with a wheel.

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