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1875 Rifles

9562 Sand Lake Hwy
Onsted, MI 49265
1-866-99-RIFLE (1-866-997-4353)

Obey all safety rules for proper handling of firearms.

  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
  • Be sure of your target and impact areas beyond
  • Load your gun only when ready to shoot
  • Use proper ammo of correct caliber
  • Always use eye and ear protection
  • Finger out of trigger guard until sights are on target

Operating Your Rifle:
Never attempt to open your Ballard Action Rifle with the hammer in the cocked, ready to fire position!!! This will likely result to damage to the hammer and/or sear. Open the action only when hammer is in the fired or half cock position.

Except for 22RF, only black powder loads are recommended in Ballard Actions. The design of these actions pre-dates smokeless powders and were intended to handle pressures associated with Black Powder. Some Calibers do have smokeless powder loads that are at Black Powder pressure levels. Use extreme caution if you choose to shoot smokeless powder loadings. Contact our office if you have any questions about load safety. Rifles with Ballard Actions are operated much like any other single shot Falling Block Action. Movement of the under-lever in a downward direction causes the breech block to lower, rotates the extractor to the rear, and exposes the breech face and chamber. Raising the lever closes the action. The hammer will be in the half cock position when the action closes. The hammer must be manually cocked before the rifle can be fired.

Shooting Your Rifle:
*Following All Safety Rules*

  1. Lower the under lever and open the action. Check the bore for obstructions and push a dry patch through the bore if the rifle was cleaned and oiled previously.
  2. Insert an appropriate cartridge into the chamber.
  3. Close the rifle by raising the under-lever. The rifle will be in half cock. Do not rely on this as a safety. Rifles with single triggers- Cock the hammer and fire the rifle by pulling the trigger. Rifles with double set triggers – Cock the rifle before setting the triggers. Set the triggers by pulling the rear trigger. The rifle will fire when the front trigger is pulled. Rifles with double set triggers have a very light pull-Use Caution.
  4. To reload, go back to step one. Once the action is opened. The fired case will be partially removed from the chamber by the extractor. Remove the fired case and insert a loaded round.

Routine Cleaning:
*Make Certain the Rifle is Unloaded*
Black Powder fouling must be cleaned immediately. Push a patch with solvent through the bore from the breech. Alternate wet patches with dry patches until clean, use solvent sparingly so that excess doesn’t get in the action. After the bore is clean, run a patch with oil down the bore. Wipe off the exterior metal surfaces with an oily rag.

Major Cleaning:
If you shoot competitively or otherwise a large amount, you should give your gun a more thorough cleaning on occasion. This will require a minor amount of disassembly.

  • Open the action.
  • Remove lever pivot screw.
  • Remove Breech Block/Lever Assembly and extractor from the bottom of the action.
  • Clean interior of action and exterior of Breech Block.
  • No further disassembly is required.
  • Before re-assembly put a small amount of grease on the bottom surface of the rear tail on the Breech Block.

To Reassemble - - - Easiest with action upright. Start the rear of the breech block into the opening in the bottom rear of the action opening. Before the breech block assembly is in the fully up position, insert the extractor up in the action and place the bottom of the extractor into its seat on the side of the lever. Push the assembly upwards and rotate the lever until the pivot holes in the extractor and lever line up with the holes in the receiver. Install the pivot screw. Triggers are adjusted at the factory. Adjustment of set triggers can lead to unsafe conditions. Turing the adjustment screw in lightens the set pull. Backing the screw out increases the set pull. Single triggers and unset trigger pulls are not adjustable.

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