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Ballard History
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"Faber es Devoveo ut Excellentia"

Ballard is a company steeped in tradition while embracing innovation. The members of our custom firearm staff, many of whom are guild class craftsmen, meticulously handcraft each rifle, and are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. In every aspect of your firearms' construction, we endeavor to always achieve the highest quality of fit, form, and function.

One of the most popular additions to our line has been the elegant Light Hunter. This exquisite variation utilizing the tried and true 1885 action by Browning and Mason is the exact answer for a 6-7 pound rifle with the beauty and warmth of English walnut. This is the perfect companion for the stalking of mountain dwelling game, or, just a stroll through the woods.

If your heart calls more for the "roar" of a big bore, the Express line may be in your sights. Correctly balanced firearms with total weights between 8 to 13 pounds, the stalwart 1885 action takes on new life with the easy consumption of any cartridge up to the "lively" 600/577 JDJ!

The "across the pond" feeling is exemplified in the Jeffery-Sharps. Jeffery used the high wall action, imported from the States, in the manufacture of his own creation. And although only one or two partial originals survived the journey through time, Ballard is creating the variation for you, today. Appropriately stocked and appointed in the finest British tradition, this Express rifle is available in any cartridge from .17 – .620, magnums and nitros, including the "what's old is new again", 400 Jeffery's (the 450-400 3 inch), a favorite of John "Pondoro" Taylor. Features include, trap grip cap with spare striker and sight post, Silver's pad with optional leather cover, and regulated one standing-two folding rear sight. A special, custom lever hint of a time passed by, hand polished and tastefully checkered.

A fine complement to the Jeffery's "stopping" rifle is the Rook and Rabbit, built upon the smaller sibling, the 85 low wall. Appropriately appointed in a similar fashion to the big bore, it gives up nothing in appearance and makes for a delightful ladies or youth sporting rifle.

If you're trying to "get back to your roots", a 1875 Ballard or 1885 High Wall /Low Wall can be yours for the asking. Hand crafted to the same dimensions as the originals, these actions lend themselves to the authentic days of Civil War and turn of the century America. Revered and treasured then, (most cost a month's salary or better), these fine arms settled a war and won the west.

Our Lonesome Dove® rifle commemorates the life of Charles Goodnight, Texas Ranger and rancher who blazed the Goodnight-Loving trail into Colorado. These rifles are produced with exemplary care and chambered for the period correct or modern day magnums as your heart desires.

Ballard firearms are manufactured here in Onsted, Michigan USA. A receiver starts its life as a certified, x-rayed steel billet, and is completely machined in-house, as are all the parts. The wood is hand selected, and carved with a manual stock duplicator using qualified patterns, then rasped and fit to metal by scraping to within mere thousandths of an inch. Only premium target barrels from the best makers, (Douglas, Lilja, and Badger to name a few), are used in our rifles, requiring a complete day or more to fit and chamber properly. Authentic bone charcoal color case hardening is done without the use of toxic cyanide for the true authentic look of times gone by. Hand polished metal and hand rubbed wood complete the process of creation. In eight to twelve months your custom firearm is ready for final inspection and shipment.

Our craftsmen are skilled and competent to handle custom gunsmithing for all manner of guns and rifles. Complete stock fitting, bending of an old stock, or restocking is available for the discriminating customer as well as metal work. Shotguns of modern or classic origin as well as magazine and lever rifles are now restored to better than new condition. The best hand checkering and engraving available from many fine guild craftsmen.

You will find our restoration department competent to painstakingly restore practically any classic rifle action; the same beautiful woods, the lines of a hand polished receiver, or the blue that looks just right. Authentic bone and charcoal color case hardening is available for vintage era actions and we can recreate most any part using other techniques from the past with the materials of today.

For more information, please call 1-866-99-RIFLE (1-866-997-4353) or browse our website.


William & Louise Northrup



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